About the Project

Since the beginning of this project 3 years has gone and the team is not the same. Some have left, some have joined… Creating a continuation of Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness is huge amount of work, especially when dealing with the storyboard. Most of the real hard work was to achieve a convincing and realistic story telling with new elements without altering the true spirit of AoD.

In fact, as you might all know Tomb Raider – The Angel of Darkness storyline was cut a lot and some plots totally disappeared in the released version, including characters and locations (because of deadline priorities). The game released as-is forced the team to totally rethink the main plot, trying to fill the plot-holes left by AoD and also trying to bring a new key elements that fit the AoD atmosphere. We wanted The Lost Dominion to be a continuation of Tomb Raider IV – The Last Revelation. We may have stopped counting the number of versions we have made for the storyline and the hours of talks on Skype or Slack we all had.

Today we developed a huge set of web tool to organize our work, going from private forums to private cloud and dashboard. All this dealing with our real life priorities. A real reshaping of the team effort was needed. You can now visit our website:

  • The Blogpost counts our regular updates on the project.
  • The Community is the place for you to talk and contribute, don’t hesitate to register, it’s our social place.
  • The Forums is reserved for developers and core member of the team.

Welcome in our humble space 😉

The Lost Dominion team